Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A digression

It's a great morning when the refrigerators yields unexpected lunch bounty prior to the mad dash out the door to work:

1. Leftover salad greens and tomatoes. Not exactly inspiring.

2. But hark! There's rotisserie turkey breast from last night. Start cubing.

3. Moment of brilliance: I remember there are blue cheese sprinkles left from the holidays. Better yet, the label says they're still edible.

4. Refrigerator epiphany: As I'm routing around for the blue cheese sprinkles, I spy a jar of Bacon Bits languishing on its side at the back of the icebox. Come to mama.

5. Would it be too much to ask if there is a can of sliced olives somewhere in house? Apparently yes. A salad set-back but nothing insurmountable. Chopped red onion will serve as surrogate.

6. Finally, an oozle of ranch dressing and a twist of fresh ground pepper. Voila! a hybrid club/cobb salad. Bon appetit!

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