Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Doing business in Bermtopia

Over the last two weeks, let's just say the engines of commerce have not exactly been humming in Bermtopia.

Overall, it's more of a whine. Like tires spinning relentlessly, stuck in the snow at our local grocery store, Rosauers. And me, grousing about the condition of my dentist's basically nonexistent parking lot. But, at the end of the day, who I was I to complain? I rescheduled my teeth cleaning to the end of February. Huzzah! more time to floss!

However, as I negotiate Bermtopia's streets and parking lot these days, I have a much greater appreciation for the Carthaginian warrior Hannibal guiding his army and 37 elephants over the Alps to surprise the Romans back in the day. Very impressive. Nevertheless --I do believe the mighty Hannibal, elephants or no, would be stretched beyond the limits of his endurance getting a shopping cart with a bum wheel across the parking lot at Albertson's in 12 inches of snow.

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