Saturday, October 31, 2009

Turning into a pumpkin -- finis

The big day is here. Halloween.

The day I've been envisioning since May following the fateful moment when I placed my tiny pumpkin plant into a whiskey barrel and, as with most of my gardening projects, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

I have to admit feeling a bit of pang of regret the first time my knife drove into the flesh of my pumpkin progeny last night. It is a little like mutilating an old friend. (Not that I have any real experience in that particular discipline.)

But carve I did -- and ultimately with pleasure, knowing I had a hand in cultivating my three little friends over the summer. Now, with Halloween darkness just few hours away, I have to say it's been way more satisfying than schlepping down to Rosauers and picking some bad boy out of a cardboard box.

The process was not without mishaps, of course -- including last night when P3's top notch snapped off. But, thankfully it was nothing a hot glue gun couldn't resolve. Pumpkin perfection was preserved.

So, now they sit. Waiting for candles and trick-or-treaters.

Pumpkin perfection.

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