Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy anniversary

Today, Bermtopia celebrates its one-year anniversary.

Conceived during the mother of all snow storms, Bermtopia started out as an experiment -- a middle-age woman exploring blogging, aka social media, as part of her job as a public relations writer. And, well honestly, there wasn't much else to do because we were snowbound.

But over the months Bermtopia has become much more than an experiment.

I've rediscovered the pleasure of writing. Without deadlines and stylebooks. Without "messaging" and marketing gimmicks. In essence, I've rediscovered the joy of "recreational" writing.

I've always secretly considered perfection vastely overrated, preferring life's silliness instead. Some people may call that shallow -- I call it Bermtopia. The small, silly things in life inevitably create the richest, most memorable moments. It's a pleasure to experience life in Bermtopia, then write about it -- the smaller, the sillier, the better.

And as you no doubt have figured out, I also am hopelessly, haplessly in love with my digital camera. I love photography in general because of the way it captures both the mundane and magnificent -- all through the same lens. Carrying a camera reminds me there's a lot to see in the world and to be mindful of "the moment" -- the perfect shot that tells the perfect story. Obviously, there are whole lot more mundane than magnificent moments in Bermtopia, but it's a pleasure to find those moments and share them visually as well in writing.

So, happy anniversary, Bermtopia. I'm glad we found each other.

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