Sunday, January 24, 2010


I think I have a bulb coming up. A grape hyacinthe. Muscari.

I'm not surprised, but a little nervous. January, for the most part, has been weirdly sunny and mild, temperatures in the high 40s with one day even hitting the low 50s. We had snow yesterday, but it turned to rain by mid-morning. Still, if I hear one more person at work or at the store observe "It feels like March," I might do him/her physical harm, fearing the frivolous weather gods will take up the challenge and reverse gears.

Let me honest. January has been heaven and then some. I've even thought about trying to find a golf course with an open driving range.

But then there's February, ahh, February in Bermtopia can bite you in the butt. I can clearly remember several frigid arctic cold fronts that paralyzed Bermtopia in years past. Closed schools even. I'm not sure how well my optimistic little Muscari friend will fare should that happen.

Nevertheless, I plan to borrow a page from this tiny sprout, and it's titled "Optimism." Come what may, it's a little bit lighter every day. We've been more than blessed with sunny days. I haven't slipped on the ice and done a face-plant on some neighborhood sidewalk while walking Ben.

Life's good.

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  1. I love an optimist. Hang in there, Mary, Spring WILL arrive....