Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Matt Cave 2

Phase 1 of The Matt Cave makeover is complete. Ceiling painted, primer coat up on the wall, baseboard down and cool accent trim on the walls. Plus a vicious piece of driveway concrete has been tamed. Check, check, check, check and check.

Aside from breathing the noxious fumes that only oil-based paint can produce for about 24 hours, it was painless. (And, well, actually I was out of town so just Brad and Ben were breathing noxious fumes. No worries, though. All survived, I'm happy to report.)Remodeling Dude John (aka, God with a mitre box) was fabulous, carrying out all tasks efficiently, neatly and with the precision of a surgeon. Did I mention we worship the ground he walks on?

Between now and March 11, when the stacked stone goes up on the fireplace (and blue pearl granite is applied to the upstairs bathroom countertop), Brad is charged with priming the accent trim on the walls and doing a little patching.

And I'll be doing what I do best -- collecting color paint chips and plotting our next remodeling adventure.

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