Saturday, April 17, 2010

My new right foot: A fashion conundrum

I have graduated to shoes!

At my appointment last Wednesday, my foot guy gave me the all-clear to don the "loosest pair of shoes you have." I had just what the doctor ordered -- my well-worn Columbia dog-walking/snow-busting/dig-in-the-dirt/schlep-all-over-the-muddiest-parts-of-Manuel-Antonio-National-Park-in-Costa-Rica slip-on walking shoes. They're golden.

But herein lies the fashion conundrum. Because of their time-honored utility, the Columbias also are currently the ugliest shoes I have. And this does present some challenges when it comes to accessorization in the world of fashion.

There was something to be said for the surgical shoe. With its sleek lines, low profile and chameleon-like characteristics, you could possibly bust it out for almost any occasion.

It does goes well with jeans and a Keen walking shoe.

Throw a Keen sandal and a pair of clamdiggers into the mix, and you've got a nice summer vibe going.

Matched up with a kicky little patent leather Clark sandal, you could even carry off a skirt in the pinch. (I think I'd wear nylons, though. The combination of fading bruises and a lingering tinge of orange Betadine on my right foot is a little, shall we say, unusual right now.)

Alas, not so with the Columbias.

"The look" basically starts -- and stops -- with jeans. This about as good as it gets.

Because the wheels begin to come off with the clamdiggers.

And, frankly, there's absolutely no way you're going out the door in a skirt.

Indeed. It IS hard to be glamorous.

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