Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More artisan bread awesomeness

About 20 loaves (and one batch of rolls) later, my artisan bread recipe continues to be awesome -- and easy. But, because I am a little geeky this way, I have now moved on to obsessing about ways to make it even more awesome.

And it came to me about 4 in the morning a few days back.

Garlic. Roasted garlic.

So, a couple of nights ago, I roasted a full head of garlic and chopped it up. Then mixed up a batch of dough. The burning question (geez, I AM sounding geeky) -- when to add the garlic? While mixing the dough? While folding it?

I went with Door Number 2, reasoning the addition of garlic while mixing dough might mess with the magic of yeast, salt, water and flour coming together and rising overnight.

So sprinkle and fold I did (with the help of the WPS), then popped it in the oven. The bread baked beautifully -- despite the new addition of roasted garlic. The world did not spin off its axis. The sun set in the west as it always has. And it was done in time for me to catch the next episode of "Glee." Now that's artisan bread awesomeness. (And I have officially gone off the Geekiness Chart with that admission.)

The verdict? I'm sorry. I'll have to get back to you. I'm in the midst of a artisan bread awesomeness coma of joy.

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