Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some of the other fellers

OK, I left out a few new members of the garden this year. And they were not happy for the omission in my previous post. Maybe Tigerella is not THE dominatrix after all. So, here goes. .

For some reason, when I shopped for tomatoesthis last weekend, I also felt compelled to pick up a...

A sweet red pepper 'cept I lost his/her tag while potting. Just know he/she is sweet, long (stop-pp-pp!) and can be eaten off the vine (stop-pp-pp again! You know who you are.)

A yellow"Golden Summer/Moon/Whatever" bell pepper. (Ok, another tag sort of lost in the shuffle)

Two "Ichiban" Japanese eggplants. This should be interesting. I love 'em, but eggplants creep out the WPS. In a good season, Ichiban is 1.) a lovely plant and 2.) prolific.

Eggplant recipes, preferably those where you don't know you're eating eggplant, are welcome. Please send immediately.

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