Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer bounty

Well, ok, perhaps I'm overstating the bounty part a bit. BUT we did harvest our first two red peppers this morning. They're beauts! And I think they'll be pretty tasty too. Roasted. And. Stuffed.

Here's the plan. At least in my head:

First, mix up a batch of quinoa because the Wonderfully Patient Spouse has been reading about it and wants to experience its reputed healthy awesomeness. Chop up and saute some garlic, onion, zuchini, summer squash and maybe, just maybe, a little sausage -- in this case, chicken cilantro -- just to say we did. Make sure the veggies still have a little crunch to them, though.

Next, check the spice cupboard and see if anything jumps out at me. (This actually COULD happen. My spice cupboard is VERY full. Stuff jumps -- well, falls -- out all the time.) Ummmmmmm. Cumin. Add to quinoa accordingly.

Toss together the cooked quinoa and veggies, then throw in some crumbled queso manchego.

Take those darling red peppers and have the WPS throw them on the grill, whole, for a few minutes -- I'm all about cool grill marks whenever possible. But hate mushy. It's the reason I didn't eat cooked vegetables until the age of 37.

Grill mark mission accomplished, slice peppers lengthwise (leave the stem on if you can, just for fun), remove seeds et al, stuff with quinoa, and season with fresh ground pepper, and maybe a dusting of sweet paprika.

Then broil till just a little crispy on top.

Serve with a dollop of Greek yogurt (Have I mentioned my new love affair with Greek yogurt? I didn't think so. I'm dollop-ing it on EVERYTHING these days.) and a couple of slices of fresh avocado.

Summer bounty becomes satisfying summer veggie dish. Sweet red peppers, could you perchance grow just a little faster?

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