Friday, July 23, 2010

Yep. That’s a Top Ramen noodle you're looking at

Warning. This is NOT a dinner salad.

Because it’s pure, 100 percent, 150 pro0f cabbage. Because cabbage is the vegetable kingdom's version of the gift that keeps on giving. Because if you eat this for dinner, you will inflate like the Goodyear Blimp and float away to someplace like Rarotonga. And let’s just say the Rarotongans will hear – and possibly smell -- you coming. You have been warned.

Sumi Salad IS a great potluck salad. Colorful (use red cabbage or mix and match with green). Crunchy. Tasty. Easy. Open to improvisation. Get crazy and toss in some mandarin oranges or shredded chicken OR -- hang on a second -- how 'bout BOTH? Try it with some fresh grated ginger. Or use the ramen seasoning to spice up the dressing. Go ahead. We won’t tell the Salt Police.

We’ll get back to Green Dinners tomorrow, but in the mean time, keep this puppy in mind for your next potluck. But I strongly recommend you stay upwind of any guests who go back for seconds.

You have been warned.

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