Sunday, August 29, 2010

And so it comes to this

Yes, I know. Attractive, isn't it? Although it does seem to be missing something. Say, a car jacked up cinderblocks?

With the threat of temperatures dipping down into the mid- to high 30s the last few nights, the Wonderfully Patient Spouse and I turned to visquine to protect our sadly under-whelming tomato plants. Well, I take that back. We HAVE harvested about 20 cherry tomatoes, but Tigerella is just green, green, green. The early blossom rot, and abnormally cool summer, have taken their toll.

But enter visquine. Three days bubble-wrapped in plastic has done wonders for our reluctant lady. Tigerella has TWO, count 'em two, pieces of fruit starting to turn. That would be two out of about 100 or so, I should probably add.

Tigerella apparently likes a sauna. And I'm open to any and all green tomato recipes.

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