Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big ears

I made a quick sortie downtown at noon today to pick up a baby present for family friends. As I was meandering back to the office, musing about how dank the river smelled (welcome to my life), two men approached me as I passed the convention center complex.

I can only say they were somewhat distinctive in their, je ne sais quoi, clean-cuttedness. Hmmm. Who's in town this week?

State school nutrition folks? Check.

Local high school Class of 1990 reunion? Check.

LDS youth conference? Check and check.

Clean-cut Guy #1 was obviously on an intellectual roll, animated and emphatic in his conversation.

"You know all that stuff that they say about Biblical writings?"

Clean-cut Guy #2 nodds.

"I'm just not all THAT sure they have to come from the Bible."

Of course. Now I get it.

Coming soon to a grocery store near you: Marvel Comics' "Leviticus."

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