Saturday, January 1, 2011


I don't make New Year resolutions. Just like I don't give up things for Lent. Never have, never will. That's just the way I roll.

BUT herewith I submit a few things I hope to concentrate on more fully in 2011:

Walk whenever I can: There's no better way to engage the world. People, places and things just look better encountered at "see-level." And now that I've got my YakTrax Pros. . . .

Taste first, then salt liberally: Salt has gotten a bad rap over the years. Let's face it: It tastes good and brings out the best in most foods. I've got low blood pressure, so screw it.

Eat more sandwiches: For the first time in months, I fixed a sandwich yesterday. And you know what, it was GOOD. So while I won't go crazy here consuming $5 Foot-longs 24/7, I am going to make some really good bread this weekend (more on that later) find me some sandwich love in 2011.

Embrace brussels sprouts: Right before Christmas, I ate a brussels sprout. It was in a roasted vegetable salad and, you know what, it was delicious. Not at all like the disgustingly weird, stinky, mushy orbs of my childhood. I think I could be onto something here.

Talk to strangers: This could be stretch for me, given the fatal combination of shyness and inherent suspicion of humankind I've lugged around for the last 58 years. But I had some good times yakking with people while waiting in shopping lines this Christmas, so I'm going to give it whack in 2011. Baby steps, baby steps.

And finally, enjoy the ride, potholes and all:

Because, let's face it. Sometimes the potholes are more fun.

Happy 2011!

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