Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winner, winner: Chicken dinner

When was the last time YOU had chicken and dumplings. It's so totally on the 50-something BAD, BAD, BAD LIST.


I made chicken and dumplings tonight. And had two servings. So there.

And at the end of the day, the Wonderfully Patient Spouse and I totally ignored the healthy salad I made and just ate chicken and dumplings.

So there, squared.

Sometimes things are so good, so rich, so intuitive, you just have to stop, say, "Yes-sssss" and submit. Tonight, with a (stoo-pid) wimpy snow falling and the Super Bowl droning on in the background (ok, I am checking out the commercials), I'm transported back to the Sunday dinners of my childhood, thanks to chicken and dumplings.

Remembering kitchens redolent with the mystical scents of a rich, long-simmering chicken stock, vegetables, herbs and puffy dumplings coming together in a pot.

Remembering tucking into bowls of creamy stewed chicken and silly, salty pillows of herbal wonderful-ness.

Remembering how the whole world seemed to literally melt in my mouth.

Winner, winner: Chicken dinner. I think we nailed it tonight.


  1. I had to enlarge the chicken and dumplings just so I could drool over it properly. No recipe this time though :( I'm with's too short for salad.

  2. Georgia LP send me over to check out your blog, and the first thing I see is a lovely bowl of homemade chicken and absolutely most favourite food in the whole world.
    Now I know what I shall make for my dinner tonight. Yum!
    Nice 'meeting' you - I'll be back!