Saturday, June 11, 2011

Out and About: Donut Parade

"Out and About" is a new little project I'm going to throw out there to document some of the unique, quirky and/or totally fabulous aspects of living in the fair city of Bermtopia.

So here goes:

Along with the weather (not), one of the many perks of living in Bermtopia is Donut Parade, a venerable purveyor of all that is caffeine and sugar and good since 1968. Most DP customers look like they wandered in on opening day 43 years ago. . . and never left. That's not to say it's exclusive to the geriatric set -- far from. On a recent fly-by to pick donuts for my co-workers, I watched a steady stream of yuppy professionals, families, school kids, and yes, the requisite cop (and a couple of firefighters thrown in for good measure) flow in and out of the coffee shop happily armed with donuts, crullers, fritters and all assortment of beverages.

There's nothing like walking into Donut Parade. As the door swings open, I am immediately assaulted with the knee-melting aroma of cooking oil and sweet dough. This alone is enough to make me swoon. But catch the wafting hint of fresh-brewed coffee shop coffee -- and the tray of glistening maple bars that just came out of the kitchen -- and I'm a goner.

Then there's the fact it's always about 80 degrees in Donut Parade. (I really like that in January.) It's almost indescribable heat generated by oven and donut machine, innumerable cups of coffee and hot chocolate, and of course, the mass of humanity happily hunched over their sweet treats. There's nothing like it.

Which brings me to the pastries. I've never tried the fritters and maple bars. They look mighty good though. My workplace pals and tend to be Donut People -- and, oh, the donuts: Applesauce, cinnamon, blueberry, orange, raised, friend, frosted and dipped. Something different every day. . . and, if you're lucky, they're still warm.

The first bite is a Holy Trinity of crispy donut crust, silky cake and surgary topping. And so is the second, third and fourth bite. That's about what it takes to devour a Donut Parade donut. Or two. Or three.

So that's Donut Parade -- it's unique, quirky AND fabulous. Just one more reason why it's good to be out and about in Bermtopia.


  1. Oh no, I'm under attack by the carb demons! Nooooooooo!

    (This place sounds heavenly. I was born a town away from the original Krispy Kreme doughnut shop, so naturally, there was a shop in my town and I got to go there a lot. There's nothing like walking into a place making fresh doughnuts!)

  2. mmm, maple bars. that applesauce mention really caught my eye though, i'd have to try one (or two or three) of those if i ever found myself in donut parade.

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years