Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Must you go? A Wordless (but not so much) Wednesday

The Wonderfully Patient Spouse and I LOVE to travel.

And this last weekend, it was Destination: McCall, Idaho. FAN.TAS.TIC. and more to follow . . . as if World Cup in Grangeville, Idaho, wasn't enough.

However, we do have our ISSUES when we travel:

It is VERY hard to say goodbye to this gray dog, even for a few days. . .

You're seriously NOT packing my bed!?
even if we know he'll be spoiled to death by our neighbors, the Ever-So-Indulgent H's.

You're seriously bringing down TWO bags?

It's just hard.


  1. I always have a tough time leaving my guys when I go on vacation, too. Especially when my long-haired sits inside my suitcase and stares at me with longing eyes. *Sniff*

  2. Ben, one of those bags they're taking is to hold all the presents they're going to bring back for you ... right guilty traveling two-leggers?!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  3. Oh look at his little face!