Monday, July 11, 2011

The news from When Pigs Fly Farm

News flash: Radishes are the new rock stars of InstaPlants. I planted these little fellas last Saturday and had sprouts by Tuesday.

Whoa. That's what I call an InstaPlant of the highest order.

Radishes = InstaGratification. I guess that's why they're so entertaining -- for me and hundreds of first graders around the world, that is.

Carrots, on the other hand, have to be the vegetable kingdom's number one underachiever. These are the blokes I planted at the end of March/early April.

Pretty underwhelming, yes? Agreed, we had a little run-in with some voracious slugs, and yes, I know, our frigid, wet spring hasn't helped, but still. . . . but, Carrots, pick it up the pace here, would you? There are salad plates awaitin'.

I harvested the last of the mesclun this weekend, and will give romaine (the earlier victim of bastardly birds in cahoots with the voracious slugs) another chance. Yes, I know. It's a cool weather lettuce and, theoretically (note the operative word theoretically), we're heading into the warmest part of the summer, but I say, improvise.

Tiny blooms are forming on the fennel, which means it's getting close to going to seed. This is bronze fennel -- it doesn't produced the classic fennel bulb, but instead is used for its leaves and appearance. I pulled one plant this weekend and chopped up the leaves for seasoning.

The faint but heady scent of licorice lingered in my kitchen all afternoon. I think there's a grilled scape-feta-sundried tomato frittata in our near future.

The rest of the boys will need to go pretty soon otherwise we will have "The Fennel Plants That Devoured When Pigs Fly Farm" blockbuster on our hands.

I've saved the biggest WPFF news for the last: Forget the corn tassels. We now have ears of corn. Yep. You heard it here: My little patch of heaven at When Pigs Fly Farm has ears of corn. No tomatoes, but ears of corn.


Hold your applause till the end.

P.S. Farmer Jim has been busy as a WPFF Bee regarding all things composting. Stay tuned for a report next week!

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