Saturday, July 2, 2011

What the DUCK?lings

It's turning out to be the Summer of the Duck here in Bermtopia.

There are more duck sitings to report:

The Wonderfully Patient Spouse and I were heading home last Sunday afternoon after getting our Hoopfest fix of the year

when ahead of us cars were suddenly stopping, brake lights flaring, traffic generally in a cluster.

All because of a duck. A duck leaving the relative safety of the pond at Cannon Hill Park and heading into the neighborhood. Honey, just what the hey are you thinking?

The female mallard appeared to be dragging something as she crossed the street.

Oh dear. Maybe a broken wing? The unfortunate aftermath of a tangle a neighborhood dog or maurauding raccoon?

No. It was three ducklings, waddle-scampering to keep up with Mama as she headed home. . . or to the market. . . or to wherever Mama Ducks head with their broods after a refreshing dip in the Cannon Hill pond.

They navigated the street crossing without incident, but I thought we might have to stop the car, get out and give Duckling III a boost when it appeared the sidewalk curb might be insurmountable. But with three impressive hops, stubbing little wings flailing, he finally launched himself up and over the ledge and dashed to catch up with Mom and his sibs.

Whew. That was a close one.

We followed the little family down the street for about three blocks.

Mama Duck totally ignored us. She was obviously a duck on a mission.

Hewey, Dewey and Louie stayed in sharp duckling formation right behind her.

We parted ways about three blocks into the 'hood, wishing them godspeed. With a strong admonition to avoid roofs at all costs.

The end.

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  1. Oh, I hope they're all okay! 'Tis the season (although not to many mamas probably choose to cross major thoroughfares, thankfully).

    A couple days ago we spotted a mama wild turkey coming out of the woods next to our house (not such an unusual sighting in itself) and then a little bit later, out came SEVEN baby turkeys (turklets...turklings...ticks???). The tom made an appearance yesterday, too. So fun to see!