Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mr. Scruffy

Is it just me or has Ben taken on a dangerously serious physical resemblance to Albert Einstein in recent days?

That's what I thought.

It seems, in this last six to eight weeks leading up to Young Bob Flynn's death, we've been neglecting things: The yard, cleaning toilets, returning library books, and yes, the dog.

Now before you start to run, screaming like a school girl, to the phone to call DPS (Dog Protective Services), take a deep breath. Please be assured Ben is getting lots of love, two walks a day and plenty of kibble. Throw in an open invitation to sleep on the bed at night (which he's accepting more and more as temperatures drop) and a bottomless box of Milk Bones, and the dog's got it pretty darn good. However. . . what Ben isn't getting. . . is groomed.

Oh, in a fleeting moment of remorse, some three weeks ago or so, the Wonderfully Patient Spouse took a stab at brushing Ben. The fruits of his labor -- a pile o' fur that half filled our curbside trash can -- should have been a clue, but Ben's grooming appointment got put off (much to his relief) and put off (much to his delight) and put off (Ben: Am I really done with this hell on earth?), until this weekend, when the WPS and I looked him and said, "Ben, simply put, you are a train wreck in fur. Time to go see Little Nikki."

That's his groomer. She's bomb in our books. Maybe not so much in Ben's.

So until 10 a.m. tomorrow, meet Mr. Scruffy, complete with:

Toes hair -- kind of like nose hair, but sprouting from your toes. Equally off-putting, regardless of location.
Exhibit A

Fin feathers -- in which ungroomed leg feathers stiffen and begin to resemble the dorsal fin of a lion fish.
Exhibit B


Grinch feet -- the only thing missing is the color green.

Exhibit C
Crazy hair -- aka, Albert Einstein hair.

This situation WILL be corrected. Ben WILL return to his usual sartorial self. And all will be right with the world.

Until Friday.

When it snows.

I'm Ben in Bermtopia. And I disapprove of this message.


  1. LOL Great post and beautiful dog! :)

  2. Stopping over from the blog hop. The photo of beautiful Ben (yes, scruffy hair and all) first caught my eye then I was super excited when I saw you were from Eastern Washington. We live in Seattle (so...same State. Yay.) but my brother grew up in Leavenworth. I was there just last weekend for a hike to Red Top Lookout (just posted a story about it on our blog) and tour of the fall colors in Icicle Creek Canyon. My best friend lived in Wenatchee for years too so I have spent a lot of time there.

    Hally Tails and Trails!

  3. BOL!! Great pic! I feel ya with the toe hairs, not fun when you are playing in the snow and they are full of ice when you come in!

    Your newest followers,
    Miley and Maggie

  4. Love this and love your Ben. He's handsome even if he is scruffy.

  5. ben is cute scruffy. kinda sounds like scrappy (BOL) I tend to like the scruffy look...but not the snow. just hopped in to say your picture caught my eye:)

    oh...and your blog background looks vaguely familiar! Like that too!

  6. Stopping by from the blog hop ... Ben is SO cute -- I personally love the scruff. And great post - had to laugh as soon as I saw the Einstein comparison :)