Monday, December 19, 2011

Camera shy

Ben is NOT ready for his close-up, Mr. DeMille.

Something of a recent development, Ben is not liking having his picture taken (not that you would guess if you read this blog regularly). Secret witness program? Burned out with the paparazzi (um, that would be me)? You decide. But Ben now goes to great lengths not to be photographed.

Witness our last session.

We got home from our morning walk a few foggy days ago, Ben with a charming little frisson of  frost encasing the hair above his ears. Huzzah! 11th-hour Christmas card/postcard material, I thought. I lined him up on the back porch for The Kanine Khristmas Kodak Kmoment (and isn't ironic that soon there will be no Kodak moments. . . more like Canon and Sony moments. But I digress.)

I pressed the view/take button on my point-and-shoot digital, the chirpy acknowledging beep went off  --and Ben went into full evasive action. The following is the real Kanine Khristmas Kodak Kmoment.

I can't tell whether this is his head or butt
Many "Ben, stay!s" and "Ben, do you want a treat?s" were used in the making of this (not) Kanine Khristmas Kodak Kmoment. Major fail.

And so here we are, too late for Christmas cards/postcards (like that was really going to happen in the first place), the best of the lot before Ben decided to get all diva divo on us:

 This holiday season, 
may your balls (metaphorically speaking of course) 
all be in place. 
Merry August. 
From our blog to yours.


  1. So I'm the only one who thinks those crazy shots would make a great Christmas card?

    Merry August to you too, Mary. This sounds like you'll be taking a break from blogging. If so, have a good one and see you next year :) x

  2. P.S. Mr Ben - shame on you for growling at little humans. Personally, I find them a great source of good food cause' they're short and don't hold on to their ice creams and burgers too well. Give them a chance. You'll see! Your friend, Georgia Little Pea x

  3. Ben definitely decided to be camera shy. Love the last photo though!

  4. Merry August, Merry Oregon Coast, and Merry Christmas!

  5. Love it!! Somehow, Sage has gotten used to the whole ordeal of having pictures taken.

    I just gave you an award. Check by my site to pick it up

  6. Oh Dog! I know all about those uncooperative photo shoots! Happy holidays to you!