Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An Almost Wordless Wednesday: Never piss off a sheep dog

Ben: You left me. You messed with the bathroom doors.
Me: Yeah, we've been off the grid for a few days, making a pilgrimage to the desert for cleansing and spiritual enlightenment.

Not really. We were in Las Vegas for a collegiate basketball tournament. Go Zags!

I will have a rollicking pictorial account of the trip sometime in the next decade if I can ever figure out how to down/upload photos from my smart phone. Stay tuned. Should be available by March 2122 by my calculations.

In the meantime . . . .  Here's Ben's take on our absence:

What's up with this doorstop you left in the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms? It doesn't change a thing. You're gone. And although I love the H's, I'm home alone. I want my bathrooms.

Basketball? Phffttt! Get over it.  

The Two-legged Missus' socks? She'll need them next week. I'll just make them better. Oi! 

The tissues? OK, shredding's kinda fun. Oi! Oi! Oi!

The plunger and bathroom scrubber? Euw-wwwuwww. Really bad idea in hindsight.

I honestly have NO IDEA where he got my socks.

Just a hunch, but I think Ben has abandonment tissues, don't you?


  1. by bathroom scrubber, do you mean the toilet brush? eewwwww Mr Ben! and is it my imagination or are you sounding more Aussie? oi, oi oi?

    i think you might be in a spot of trouble, mate.

    1. Matthew Delladelova -- the point guard on St. Mary's men's basketball team -- is Australian. Every time he scored, the student section went "Oi Oi Oi!" Once Ben was back on speaking terms with us, we told him about this and he has embraced the expression as his own.

  2. Ben has the same coloring as my Aussie/Border Collie mix, Pierson. I just rescued Pierson in January and started noticing separation anxiety issues. I've been working with him a bit and he is getting better. A dog-trainer friend of mine says his separation anxiety issues is common in Aussies and Border Collies. Is Ben an Aussie mix too?

    BTW, the socks comment... FUNNY! :D

    1. Yes, Ben's an Aussie/Lab mix, but all Aussie/herding dog in looks and behavior. The bathroom obsession is a relatively new phenomenon. It started last March and seems to happen on Tuesdays. We'd love to be inside Ben's head when he decides he needs a "bathroom moment."

  3. The damage wasn't too bad, all things considered....There was still TP in the roll after all :-)

    1. Excellent point about the TP. He IS a smart and sensitive dog.

    2. Did you have towels on the racks? My 2 punks will put a fist sized hole in the middle of a thick bath towel in under 5 minutes. Maggie stole & shredded a bath mitt the other morning while I was in the shower. I came out to 5 feet of blue fluff across the kitchen.

      Hey, your shower curtain was still up! Bonus points.

  4. My dogs would do the same thing if they weren't kenneled. :)