Wednesday, April 4, 2012

All over the map

I just don’t know where to start, I have so many things buzzing around in this little pea brain of mine.

I started Tuesday morning ruminating about Twitter – it’s a new little endeavor I’m fiddling with. Got to keep up with the social media Joneses, you know.

Over night, I’d been un-followed. Which, if you’re the Dali Lama or Ashton Kutcher, is not such a big deal. But when you go from nine to eight followers, you kind of notice these things. And it stings. A little.

I guess.

Was it something I said tweeted? I don’t think so. I haven't exactly been flooding the TweetWaves with witty bons mots. Some pretty lame ones, actually. . . when I remember to tweet. That’s a whole other problem.

I then jumped to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving!

Yes, a holiday that’s a whole 7 months away. See, we talked to the Poop Heads – the Seattle in-laws – Monday night, and just before signing off, Milady Poop Head mentioned her kids were interested in an Arch Cape Thanksgiving with the Bermtopian branch of the family!

As soon as we hung up, I went into full beach alert, e-mailed the property management company we used at Christmas to see if the two houses RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM EACH OTHER were available.

And they are! I’m ordering the turkey this afternoon.

That got me thinking about Ben -- well, of course, because he gets to go the beach. Keep up with me here, people!

We had a rousing morning in park, meeting up with Miz Cricket, Kona the Austalian shepherd, Westies Blue and Dolly (I think that’s her name) and Vic the golden. Good Time Charlie, the park goof dog, also made an appearance but later wandered off, confounded (and a bit disappointed, I think) at all the good dog behavior that was going on. I kicked myself for not taking pictures, but I’m still a little reticent about photographing other people’s dogs. Kinda like a perfect stranger jumping in and snapping pics of a little girls' pool party. Creeeeeeeeepy.

I have this vision of me murmuring, as I bring out the camera, "So, I write this blog. . . ." and people ripping off their coats, covering their pups and hissing "Nooo-oooooo," back-pedaling away as quickly as possible.

About lunchtime, Trader Joe's popped into my head. I was thinking about dinner. And I hadn't even tackled my uber deluxe romaine salad.

I made a shopping list. And a mental note to uncover the brunnera when I got home because its sweet little blue flowers are starting to bloom.

That's just the way I roll.

Throughout this all, I actually worked. I am a pretty amazingly awesome (albeit sometimes distracted) productive employee. I banged out the weekly newsletter, made MANY updates to our websites, answered at least 1,000 e-mails (mostly politely), survived a monthly staff meeting, committed to a couple of projects I will probably regret in the future, looked out the window, saw sun and warmth, and went for a long walk. . . . because there's nothing but rain mixed with snow in the forecast for the rest of the week.

Beautiful downtown Bermtopia
And because, I forgot, shit, I need some photos for my 365 Project.

Welcome to the world we call. . . my head.

Very sincerely yours,

Mrs. Bird Brain

P.S. Note to self: Schedule exorcism for next Tuesday.


  1. Might you have ADD? (I am allowed to joke about ADD, btw, because I probably actually have it, since two of my kids really and truly do. It's how we roll. But on the bright side, they say ADD is a sign of higher thinking and creativity (which you certainly have - even without ADD). ;-)

    Don't sweat the twitter unfollow (wasn't me!). I have discovered (after being unfollowed scads of times) that there are unscrupulous tweeps out there who only follow to try and get follow backs. They follow massive numbers of people and then unfollow them all after a few days/weeks. Sometimes people (gasp) make up completely phony profiles, too. Like "Susie Sweetin" who's a "wife, mom and pug lover," for example, only tweets link spam about power drills and table saws. :-/ I usually report those people for spam before they have time to unfollow me. (It's amazing I have any followers, actually.)

    No one will think you're a perv for taking their dog's picture. I do it all the time. I also NEVER tell anyone that it's going on a blog. (Unless they already know I have the blog.) I hope that doesn't make me a criminal.

    (Sorry about the long comment; I'm just trying to make up for the last several months of slack.)

    Hope the weather forecast improves. Ugh. But at least you have Thanksgiving to look forward to, right? (I only said that because I'm jealous.)

    Have a great day! :)

  2. That is a terribly neat picture up top that sums up my state of mind too.

    It sounds like you've been tres busy. Twitter and 365? I'm losing the blot even with one little old blog. The real me had Twitter for 2 seconds. I found it quite mind bending that people would tell me what they were eating and shitting. Way too much (boring) information. Now, Pinterest ...hmmm. I've toyed with the idea but do I really need more responsibility? Maybe when I get a proper camera, which has been 4 months outstanding because Bangkok got flooded and the Sony factory hasn't been able to keep up with demand. God is telling me something, don't you think?

    My locals all know the mad lady with a dogblog now and they very much enjoy seeing and reading about their dogs on the blog. In the beginning, I asked permission and told them why of course. These days, I just point and shoot, sometimes they even get their dogs to do what I want hehe.

    Almost as long a comment as E's. Got to keep up with the Joneses ;) Happy long weekend x

  3. Ugh, the only thing I can manage on Twitter is Tribrr. And that's about the extent....

    Oh, and I get un-followed too. It must be the Tribrr thing. Certainly not because I don't tweet, tweet, tweet.

  4. Lol. Funny lady! I ignore Twitter and still manage to get followers...I work tirelessly on FB and lose "friends" all the time. It hurts, but then the pain magically goes away. I will be a forever friend.