Saturday, April 28, 2012

The thing about puppies

The thing about puppies. . .  they seem to be multiplying.

Ben now has two puppies in his life.

Meet Kate. She's a black brindle French bulldog puppy who stopped by last weekend for a meet-and-greet.

Unlike our little bottle rocket, Miz Cricket, who is a blur o' fur on our morning walks,

Kate was quite happy to burrow into a welcoming lap or cuddle in a pair of arms while we chatted with her two-legged mister.

She watched Ben like a hawk, though. Didn't miss a thing. She was i.n.t.r.i.g.u.e.d. Ben was How-do-they-get-dogs-in-packages-that-small?

After a couple nose-to-noses with Ben, Kate was ready for a little afternoon constitutional in our backyard.

Watch out, world. Meet the real Kate.

French bull dog greeting.


Herding dog greeting.

Herding dog greetings involve much staring and pondering. French bull dog greetings involve much barking and paw pounding. Kate obviously knows how to break the ice.

This puppy does not run. . . she bounces up and down on some invisible French bulldog puppy pogo stick. It was quite the scene: Ben, in true herding dog style, tearing around the back yard, dodging and cutting around us, followed by the proverbial "bouncing ball" in hot, noisy pursuit.

I think Ben was impressed. And exhausted. Kate? Ready for Round 2!

And that's the thing about puppies.

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