Friday, June 15, 2012

Whither thou goest, I will go: Part 1

Long ago, I gave up being an uber directive dog walker.  Ben and I usually take our morning constitutionals sans leash (except on our neighborhood's two busy streets). We just follow his nose. Wherever it takes us.

As a result,  Ben and I generally careen back and forth from one side of the street to the other, occasionally backtracking, then lurching forward toward the next delectable odor or item splayed on the street or sidewalk. I am delirious with joy when this does not involve dead birds or squirrels.

And actually, let's just say I lurch. Perpetually serene, Ben just jogs along gracefully.

To the neighbors, I know I look like some crazy, directionally challenged weirdo, recently escaped from The Home. Ben, on the other hand, looks like a typical dog clearly focused on checking his daily pee-mail. Life can be so unfair.

So the other day, I got it in my head to try to document what one of these walks looks like. Somewhat blurry images unfortunately as I have STILL not figured out video on my point-and-shoot OR cell phone. Major fail. But I think you will get the idea.

Thankfully, there are no photos of me tottering precariously on curbside navigating the next change of direction. You WILL see a number of BBS, aka, Ben butt shots.

Welcome to my world.

Ben: You're killin' me, here.
Ben: And exactly how much times does it take
to get a couple of poop bags?

Me: Gosh darn it, Ben. NO park food!
Ben: Damn. Sprinklers.
Ben: Screw the sprinklers. I love it when trees fall apart!
This is the BEST walk ever!
Ben: Dog grooming in the park. Really? 
Please get a life.
Preferably elsewhere.

Ben: This is where I usually find a couple of Cheetos
Me: Gosh darn it. No park food!

Ben signs off.

And what the last 1 1/2  blocks look like.  Street crossing #1.

Street crossing #2.
Street crossing #3
Streeting crossing #4

Street crossing 4.5. Stickus interruptus.
And finally. Breakfast.



  1. How come there are no cars on your streets? Georgia would get killed if she tried that trick in our neighbourhood lol. Pity about the Cheetos, Ben. Kiddies are usually so dependable too.

    BTW, I did get your lovely long email! My apologies for not responding (yet). I promise to :) have a great weekend! x

  2. brilliant post! i enjoyed going along for one of your walks with you guys xxx why do people brush there dogs out on a walk?? i ask myself that all the time, we find clumps of dog hair all over the field we walk on. i cant wait till stormy is old enough to trust off lead near the road so we can go on strolls around the place. hes only 1 so could be a while yet. me and my last dog deefa use to trundle around just like you and ben do all the time xxx

  3. Storm is so handsome and reminds me of Ben in his younger years (B is 11) but we have a new pup in the bark park -- Cricket -- who's a (maybe) red merle border. You can file back a ways in this blog, or stay tuned. I'll have a couple posts of her later this week!

  4. Looks fun! Anything interesting in the pee mail?

  5. Love this post, I came over from the blog hop, I couldn't resist such a cute face!

  6. Found Bermtopia from your comment on I suspect you found Boomeresque on TheEverywhereist. Strange, but wonderful, how these blog hops go. I don't trust Dino off his leash at all either. He doesn't come when called (selective deafness or do I know you? My mother told me never to talk to strangers.) While petrified of thunder, Dino has absolutely no reaction to traffic and traffic noise. He would happily walk out in front of a large, noisy bus. I think he also has selective vision.