Friday, September 7, 2012

The mush-up

Two consecutive weekends away from the Nine-One-Four -- and the most annoying fact that the days are getting glaringly shorter -- have turned my brain to mush. I stare at this blog, the house, my desk at work, the Back Forty, and nine blocks away, When Pigs Fly Farm, and don't know where to start.

So I don't.

I'm a big fan of The Path of Least Resistance.

So today I give you a Bermtopian Mush-up: Random images from the last couple weeks, courtesy (for the most part) of my cell phone and Instagram. Welcome to the jungle my brain:

The suckiest airport terminal in the world: Commuter Alaska@PDX. Isn't it bad enough you have to fly in a plane with propellers?

The dude abides. . . with a telephone wire going through his head
Hops still life
Rogue chickens on the South Hill. I'm now sleeping with one eye open at night.
The hops operation
The Office: Our videographer. . . and this is one of his more normal moments

Damn straight, it is
Cousins in a truck
Harrah, Washington: I love ghost signs.
I grew these!
Almost makes up for the suckiest airport terminal in the world. Almost.

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  1. I love what's in your head. Mine feels like that too at the moment. I've been procrastinating about posting because I have too many things to write about and the longer I wait, the more I have in my head. Sigh.