Sunday, January 6, 2013

small stone: Cleaning the storage room under the stairs on Saturday afternoon

It's time to start cleaning out the basement. We are going to sell the house this spring, I believe we will.

There are easier places to start, but I choose the storage room under the stairs. I really don't know what's in there except for our carry-on suitcases.

I pull them out, one destined for Goodwill. Its replacement, black, plump and efficient -- but nowhere so well traveled -- is on the bed in the guest room upstairs waiting for its new home.

That done, I begin to mine the storage room for its other odd mysteries.

An inflatable mattress. Old backpacks. Oil paintings and golf clubs.

Matt's high school soccer bag. A crumbled football homecoming banner, black paint on orange paper.

Go! Fight! Win!

In another box, I find a green goose-neck lamp and 15-year-old printer, cushioned by a baby blanket and pillow in red, white and blue.

And finally. In the lowest, darkest corner of the storage room under the stairs, I see a pink, pear-shaped bag, a faux leather gem that shimmers in the shadows.

I have found my bowling ball.


About small stones. . . a little writing exercise I've happily copped from Euphenia over at Little Dogs on Long Leashes!


  1. Now that is a funny story! Waiting for the mysteries of our lives to be revealed as we search the depths of our junk piles...wonderful.

  2. YAY! I'm so thrilled you're doing this. There were a few people I thought might be wonderful at this and you're one of them.

    Don't you just love cleaning out store rooms? I don't know why Cushion struggles so much against it. I find it awfully cathartic. So are you going bowling?

    And BTW, did you say PINK?