Saturday, January 12, 2013

small stone: Seed packets

Dinner's ready but on hold, my date enthralled by a football play-off game on TV. And, for the first time this dark season, I feel a chill in the house.

Like its occupants, the Nine-One-Four is bracing itself for the first night of winter when there aren't two digits in front of Fahrenheit.

I kick the thermostat up a degree or two and think to bring in the seed packets sitting expectantly on top of the fridge in the garage. They share noble space with peanuts, nyjer seed and black oil sunflower seeds for the squirrels and birds, who all now wait for spring.

They are heirloom seeds, selected in partnership with my urban farming friend Kate. Bull's Blood beet. Danvers half-long carrot. Early purple Vienna kohlrabi. Black Spanish radish.

The vegetables' names are warm, delectable and anticipatory of summer.

Fall Rainbow pumpkin. Black Beauty summer squash. Sweet chocolate pepper. Black Prince tomato.

I see them tangling and thriving with the nasturtium, cosmos and sunflower we'll plant as well.

Warmer now, I organize the packets with yellow stickies and red rubber bands: Start inside 6-8 weeks before last spring frost. . . Start 1-2 weeks before last frost. . . Start 2 weeks after last frost. 

All: Plant in a sunny location. There is no lacking of sun at When Pigs Fly Farm.

And with that, I tuck them back in their Taco John paper bag and put the seed packets by the back door.


About small stones. . . a little writing exercise I've happily copped from Euphenia over at Little Dogs on Long Leashes!

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  1. Your seeds sound so delicious. Rainbow pumpkin and sweet chocolate pepper. Yum.

    Down to single digit now eh. Poor baby. Better not tell you about our day then :)