Friday, April 19, 2013

Do I dare?

I've been toting around this tear-out since Monday trying to decide what to do.

The local newspaper -- and I use the term lightly -- is seeking submissions about what dogs mean in the lives of baby boomers for a new Monday section called Boomer U. Boomer U is a hopelessly transparent attempt to boost readership because pretty much the only people I know who read real-life paper newspapers these days are 55-plus. And I would include my date and myself in this demographic. Say it loud and proud.

60 is the new 40, right?


I can't hear yoo-oooo-ooo. (Seriously. Because I'm 60.)


Okay. That's better.

Anyway. I'm thinking about delving into Bermtopia to see if something fits the bill. It makes me nervous though. I like the relative anonymity of blogging. Public relations writing is a bit the same. No bylines. No credit. Yeah, it's strangely comforting and cozy.

So what say you, you who so kindly spend precious minutes visiting this blog? You've hung in there for the good, the bad and ugly.

Do I dare? And if I do, do you have a Ben post that's a favorite? If yes, shout it out!
Please don't embarrass me.


  1. Absolutely, go for it. Yes, Baby Boomers (and our seniors) are the major demographic still reading print media -- and blog posts over 300 words. I've even claimed my real name (authorship) on Google. Who knew you had to do that?

  2. Speaking with a brown bag over my head...can you hear me?

    How about a pen name? You are The Queen. There are many Mr Ben posts I've enjoyed but I can't name any specifics because my memory has lapsed.

    Message to Mr Ben - don't worry lovey. The famous 15 minutes is nowadays 15 seconds long. Lap it up. Have a great weekend. Any more green stuff popping up?