Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The dithering report

Yes. I'm back.

Don't know about you, but it usually takes me a couple of weeksto get my head screwed back on straight after the holidays. There are decorations to take down (which, this year, involved an indoor (fake) and outdoor (real) garland -- and one artificial Christmas tree, decked out with a tomato ornament. I was exhausted.). . . gifts to put away. . . thank-you notes to write. . .plus getting reaquainted with the random ice hazards that still dot the sidewalks and parks where Ben and I walk in the mornngs.

Not that I am complaining. It's been an oddly beautiful, mild January here in Bermtopia. And last weekend, waves of ferocious southwesterly winds evaporated what little snow was left on the ground. While most of the U.S. wrestled with some aspect of the polar vortex, we Bermtopians have been out puttering around in our yards, picking up after windstorms and taking midday walks to catch just a hint of warmth from the winter sun.

Odd. But I'll take it.
See? Sun.
I can't really tell you what all I've done the last two weeks. Perhaps the best word is "dithering." January turns out to be a most excellent month for dithering.

There's work, I guess. . .
One picture is worth a thousand words.

I experimented with black-eye peas and mustard greens (not simultaneously -- although that might have helped the black-eyed peas) . . .
Went to an exhibit on mid-century modern architecture. . .

Two of each, please.
And booked a trip to Hawaii (more on that later). . .

And that's about it. Whew. My first two weeks of January dithers in a nutshell.

The excitement is unbearable.


  1. Yeah, Hawaii, what a great idea!!!

  2. Sounds about right though. I used to HATE black-eyed peas until I found fresh ones and now I fix them once a year (for whatever luck they may bring (HA)). Not bad and that's from someone who turned up her nose at them in the past.

    Hawaii sounds heavenly....