Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The news from When Pigs Fly Farm 4.0

Yes. The Farm lives on to fight another season of recalcitrant bamboo teepees.

(Shush, sporter. I can hear you groaning all the way through cyberspace. Go back to working on the sequel to your book and you won't notice a thing.)

This weekend, we cleared the beds, spread new dirt, plotted out the garden, attempted to roto-till (that part of the equation still pending) and discovered several new species of plant that look suspiciously like weeds.

But they're pretty. So we'll leave them in peace until they do something heinous.

And in reward for our labor, we get this:

Welcome to the world of When Pigs Fly Farm.

But on a brighter note: Seeds, seeds and SEEDS.

I did my seed shopping last week. I love seed shopping. . . lingering over the descriptions especially, anticipating the delights of cultivating them in my little corner of WPFF:

Pencil Pod bush beans -- "Fresh wax beans steamed with a touch of butter -- so delicious! Great for small areas in the garden or growing in patio containers." (Translation: "Small areas" = 10 acres per plant.)

Chioggia beet -- "An Italian heirloom variety, its roots are very sweet. . . Approximately 60 days to maturity." (Translation: Good luck seeing an edible beet until mid-September.)

Parisian Market carrot -- "They grow well in soil too shallow or heavy for longer rooted carrots and are ideal for container planting. . . . 50 to 60 days to maturity." (Translation: Nope. No carrots again this year. Not gonna happen.)

And who doesn't love being mooned by a lemon cucumber? On. the. rack? 

OF COURSE I bought the seed packet.

Finally, Mr. Pugly. Maybe the best pumpkin. EVER.

So stay tuned -- more news to come. It's kinda spring at When Pigs Fly Farm!


  1. Good luck on the garden this year. I think I will pass on a garden this year although I was given 4 Sub Artic Plenty Heirloom Greenland Tomato seeds and three of them have sprouted. I will put them in the ground in a month or so. We're traveling to Oregon and Washington to visit the sea and relatives in July.. Then we'll take the northern route to Minnesota and Iowa to visit grandchildren. So a month away from my garden in July means don't even start. We should be stopping in "Bermatopia" on our way up to Glacier National Park so we will finally see that beautiful area without the snow..

  2. pretty nice blog, following :)