Sunday, March 29, 2009

Going, going -- and not quite gone

According to the days of the month... the months of the year... and good old "How much more of this can we take?" it should be spring, but today it snowed. Not just a tease, but enough that sticks, smothers my ambitious hyacinthe and brilliant Siberian iris, and squishes under my shoes when I walked the dog this morning. Enough to dictate building in some extra time before heading off to family coffee at Rockwood Bakery... because we had to clear snow off the car.

Intellectually, I know it's a spring snow and will gone before the sun sets (and it has), but psychically and spiritually, it's exasperating. Pull out the long johns, vest and snow boots one more time to walk the dog. Rummage around and find the wool hat you haven't needed for a few weeks. And once again, ask -- how much more till I can dig in the dirt? pull a few weeds? pick a few flowers? and wear something other than SmartWool?

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