Saturday, May 2, 2009

A digression

So, no more snow. Now on to more interesting topics. I will bore you with my gardening sagas (or maybe not, depending on the epic battles I wage with slugs, weeds, cats and squirrels) in the weeks/months to come, but a digression that does not involve food for the first time.

This weekend, we made our second trek across state in two weeks. Faced with the prospect of another roll down I-90, wayfarers that we are, we chose the road less traveled on the way home -- State Highway 2.

Now, keep in mind, we started in Seattle overlooking Green Lake, spotted a tulip field or two in the Skagit Valley, found ourselves at the foot of Deception Pass, dined in LaConner, brunched in Fairhaven just outside of Bellingham, and then were ready to drive home

The siren song of Hwy 2 was too hard to resist -- Leavenworth, Cashmere (home of Aplets and Cotlets with streets named accordingly), Wenatchee, Orondo, Waterville, Coulee City, Almira, Hartline, Creston, Wilbur (ok, maybe not necessarily in that order), Davenport, Reardan -- beautiful. It's a part of Washington that, no doubt, is an acquired taste. It is spare, simple, a little left behind. But beautiful.

(I purposefully leave out Airway Heights -- aside from Longhorn BBQ, it has nothing going for it.)

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