Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big ears (again! same week!)

Ahhh, it's Hoopfest Week. One of my favorite weeks in the year here in Bermtopia.

By way of explanation: This weekend, Bermtopia hosts the largest outdoor 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the world.

The weeks prior to Hoopfest are a treasure. If there is a basketball hoop in the 'hood, some team is practicing. I expected nothing different tonight as I took Ben, the dog, for walk. We approach Wilson Elementary, alma mater of Number 1 and Number 2 Sons, fully expecting all hoops (all non regulation, I think) occupied.

But no, instead I spy 4 young lads who I'd place at 6th grade or so, judging by their size (2 tall and gangly, 2 short and skinny... which is the same as gangly except you can't be gangly if you're short) and range of octaves of their voices. Two are on skateboards, doing deliberate, but manly, passes back and forth each other. They are all amazingly intent on their fingernails.

I soon discern the reason why. There are LADIES (the 6th grade version) sitting on the 1st graders' swing set, just outside of the boy-cootie danger zone.

Then, one of THE LADIES yells.

"Hey, Jordan. Are you dating Krista?"

There's a flurry of intense fingernail inspection along with, I suspect, a group consultation for just the right come-back amongst the boys. Then Jordan, all 4' 11'' of him, roars back in an surprisingly deep, emphatic voice.



Then one of THE LADIES speaks.

"Hey, Jordan. Do you LIKE her?"

Enough is enough. A line has been crossed. How much prying can a self-respecting 6th grade guy take? Jordan wheels around and glares at his inquisitors.


Jordan's "WANT" starts out dark and indignant, but ends on a bird-like chirrup.


Oh, Jordan. I think we need to check back with you (and Krista) later.

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