Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big ears

It's Saturday, and though we in World Cup Land, are still licking our wounds over yesterday's disallowed go-ahead goal for the U.S., life does go on. There's rose food to buy, rooms to dust, baby showers to attend.

I'm in the local grocery store stocking up on provisions for the weekend, standing behind an elderly dude, spry enough, wearing a grey T-shirt that reads "Old guys rule." He's getting his weekend lottery and buying what looks like store's entire inventory of bananas.

In the checkout line, he spies the Saturday edition of The New York Times, which is sporting a front-page, above-the-fold picture of The Shot Heard 'Round the World in yesterday's U.S.-Slovenia game. He jabs at the paper and begins a monologue directed at, I think, the guy in line in front of him:

"I've never played soccer but I played a lot of sports but I never played soccer but I watched that game yesterday did you see the game yesterday? but I watched the game yesterday and we should have gotten the goal because there wasn't a foul so we should have gotten the goal no way was there a foul I don't know what that ref was thinking no way was there a foul it was a terrible call I don't know about that ref but if it had been me I would have cold-cocked him on the spot."


You've read it here. Old guys rule.

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