Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This is. . .


Two months old and counting, Baird made an appearance at Soup Night last night. What a rascal.

He's not the first Soup Night grandchild, BUT the first, I believe, to be residing in Bermtopia and able to partake in our festivities. 'Tis a privilege to host a little wee-ness like himself.

It will come as no surprise -- Baird got a lot of Soup Night love. Then a well-deserved rest when we started consuming soup.

Hello, Baird. Welcome to Soup Night. And welcome to Bermtopia.

P.S. Baird -- your dad scored some serious heirloom tomato seeds last night, including Tigerella! -- remember your roots!

So to speak.

My kitchen junk drawer:

Which needs some serious organizing. And perhaps a sexier name. To be continued.

And Fall: And we all know what that means.

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