Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fat Bastard

This is

Fat Bastard.

It is one of the more splendiforous articles of clothing that I own and is a key member of my most awesome of awesome Official Winter Dog-walking Ensemble. I mean, what girl DOESN'T dream of doing a three- to four-month stint as the Michelin Man?

Thank god, it's usually dark when Ben and I walk these days.

In recent years, I've cracked open Fat Bastard when the temps start tap-dancing around in the 20s as they did yesterday morning -- and today as well.

Note: Puffy Pants won't make an appearance till there's snow on the ground -- or we go sub-zero. I do have SOME standards, after all.

Mind you, I'm not complaining. FB has been very good to me -- keeping me warm and dry through high school football (the American flavor), many wonderful years of soccer AND hundreds of inches of The White Stuff that continue to plague me (it IS all about me, you know) and Bermtopia year after year.

Upshot: Fat Bastard is my seasonal bestie. Give me a hug, Big Guy!

Together, we carry on the crusade, true and pure, against the dark forces of Frigid Cold and Sucky Weather Which Generally Involves About Five Feet of Stoo-pid Snow.

Fat Bastard, I've got your back. And I KNOW you've got mine.

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  1. Tina from Tillamook11/11/2010 7:24 PM

    Hey, it's all about comfort!! Luckily sweet Ben is not a harsh fashion critic...
    Just found your blog via 7MSN/Awesome Artisan Bread. Read your archives like a fun novel -
    Not sure if you listen to podcasts ever, but I think you might enjoy this: I have been a fan for at least 10 years - he speaks/writes in much the same style as you do!
    Thanks for sharing your everyday with us. Quite entertaining - and I Love the recipes, too!