Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween wrap-up: Aladin and other matters

The comely little feller in the center is my infamous, after-1,000-odd-pumpkin-blossoms-later, Aladin. No, he is not orange and, no, he is not 35 pounds as promised. And, yes, I used Peeps for his eyes and nose. And, yes, that's a sun-dried tomato masquerading as a mouth.

Necessity is the mother of invention.


I always enjoy walking the neighborhood the morning after Halloween. The quality and quantity of All Hallow's detritus can be truly amazing. However, apparently it was a pretty quiet Halloween Night in the 'hood -- very few candy wrappers shivering on frosty lawns. And NO smashed pumpkins on the streets!

The youth of today. What slackers.

Someone WAS giving these out:

Brought to you by the fine folks from Faithful Word Publications who also wrote "The Shocking Truth about Christmas" and "Rabbits, Eggs and and Other Errors about Easter."

Why, thank you very much, but, umm, could I have the Necco wafers instead?

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