Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas week: Santa baby

Is there anything more iconic to Christmas than family photos documenting the annual pilgrimage to see Santa?

I don't think so.

So off we go:

Dear me. At 6-years-old, it seems I'm in a drill-down "60-Minutes" interview with The Big Guy.

And so Santa --just exactly where do you get those spanking red hats?

And., Mom, while we're on the topic of hats? Please don’t make me wear it again this year.

This is the Wonderfully Patient Spouse and his sibs. He’s the one on Santa’s lap. One of them has just hit the "Eject" button.

Now on to The Boys. Unlike a lot of kids, neither was very fazed by The Man in Red, but sometimes I think Number 1 Son took his holiday ennui a tad too far. Yeah, that's him checking his nails. . . .

And here’s The Poser – Number 2 Son. What a little schemer. Hellion by day, angel on a Santa visit. This is the child who pitted our Nativity scene figures, aka G.I. Jesus, against his Army guys in a pitched living room fire fight one afternoon right before Christmas.

The Army guys won.


I wuv you, Santa.

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