Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wise guy!

O.M.G.! I just realized it's been almost TWO months since I've thrown all good taste to the wind and posted about poop.

Well, be of good cheer. I
'm about to correct THAT mistake.

It suddenly occurred to me this morning: I've been the victim of a week-long canine prank, courtesy of you-know-who. Here's how it went:

Every day this week, Ben has seen fit to take care of His Business the minute we arrive at the park.


Could he find a patch of grass like this?

Or this?

No. This week, the place where Ben went bombs-away looked like this:

Align Center
That's one heck of a field 'o pine cones.
Don't you think they look just a teentsy-weentsy like, um, you know what?

Characteristically, Ben had No Comment.

Here, wait s second.
Let me adjust the screen a little so you get a sense of what I was looking
at 7 in the morning:

I think you get the picture.

Me trying to find dog poop in a situation like this is a little like Cortes and his ill-fated quest for El Dorado.

But I do love a challenge: So off I went -- every. . .flippin'. . . morning. . . this. . . week -- mumbling to myself like a crazy woman, carefully sorting through the "vegetation" in a hopeless search for Ben's Business in a sea of dark pine cones.

I think I went 1 for 3.

Ben. Enjoying a good laugh -- and at least an extra 10 minutes' worth of park time.

Me. The unwitting participant in a dog's twisted scatological version of "Where's Waldo."

Pranked by a dog. What a wise guy!

The end.

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  1. Go Ben! Love that last pic! If our dogs knew the stuff we posted on the Internet about them, would they still love us? :p