Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We made it!

I am celebrating February 1 today. For a confirmed winterphobe like myself, it's a little bit like Christmas, Easter and the Tooth Fairy all rolled in one.

Think of it. A short month -- just 28 days -- till the beginning of March! And we all know what means. No doubt, one or two more spates of poopy weather, but . . . 28 days till March.



It is (literally) a beautiful day. Friggin' cold (can you say single-digit lows tonight?), but beautiful. But despite the arctic blast, our sunlight has just a titch of heat. Daylight lingers just a little longer. And except for a few scabs of snow here and there, sidewalks are blissfully bare. It is now safe to move around Bermtopia.

February is already working its magic.


  1. OH NO! 28 more days till autumn and ugg boots? NOOOOOO...

    Now you've panicked me. It's true when we woke up at 5.30 this morning, I thought it looked a bit darker than usual. The end is nigh :(

    Very happy for you of course.

  2. Oh Georgia. It is so hard for those of us living in parallel universi (?) so to speak. Buff up those Ugghs.

    Yours in all arctic,

    Q&SPG o B