Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gotham City Chronicles 1

And so it begins -- our junket to NYC, the Big Apple, Gotham City. With the Number2Son. . . if we can locate him tonight. ET, call home.

And here's who's keeping the home fires burning. With an apparent broken heart.

Until the neighbors caring for Ben give him five treats a day instead of two, let him spend the night in their homes and take him for 5 zillion walks a day.

Buck up, buddy. We'll be home soon.


  1. He's not talking to you. I've seen that expression before. Not happy, Jan. Or Mary, as the case may be.

  2. You may be heading to New York but I think Ben should be heading for Hollywood ... that pose and look is sadder than the saddest Disney movie!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years