Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome to When Pigs Fly Farm

Yep. That's what I'm calling this 18 x 4 patch of dirt, aka, soil that I am borrowing for the summer, courtesy of Farmer Jim and a Mandatory Meeting over pizza and beverages of choice Friday night.

Farmer Jim had some garden space available in a new bed he created last fall (I'd been eye-balling the space, btw, each time Ben and I walked by since last October). I had the itch to tackle vegetables outside of a whiskey barrel. When he said space was available, I said Deal. And Double Deal.

When Pigs Fly Farm and I are were introduced in the midst of a yet another Light Dusting of Snow.


Farmer Jim already has a plan. I think that's The Engineer in him. Me? I'm the big blank section to the north, momentarily paralyzed by a new patch of dirt.

Farmer Jim is going after tomatoes, peas, garlic, pickling cucumbers (rumor has it he has a killer pickle recipe) -- maybe some carrots, dill and peas. Yum.

Me? Heirloom tomatoes? Japanese eggplant? Peppers? Sunflowers. Who knows?

A new patch of dirt/soil? Welcome to When Pigs Fly Farm.

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