Thursday, April 7, 2011

200: A rave and (soon to come) a rant

This is my 200th post to Bermtopia.

Who knew I had so much to say -- or SHOULD say, for that matter?

Thank you all (that would be Bermtopia's 13 faithful followers -- two of whom are the same person).

And I especially thank Ms. Georgia Little Pea for pointing out this is a "boutique blog." I will continue to believe this is A Good Thing.

One way or the other -- it still feels good to write and take silly pictures.

So, tonight -- and maybe for the next decade or so -- it's my party and I'll cry, laugh or piss the neighbors off if I want to. But right now, I'm starting out with a (sort of) rave.

To be followed in a day or so with a (sort of) rant. A girl's got to work up a head of steam on these matters, you know.

Stay tuned.

Here goes the (sort of) rave:

Pardon my French, but so far, spring has been nothing but crap in Bermtopia. Aside from my bulbs, we're still pretty much on life support as far as the Nine-One-Four's gardens (and, well, When Pigs Fly Farm) are concerned.

That is, unless you get down on your hands and knees with a camera and root around in the gunk.

From the Hedgekiller's House to the east: Oh look, Reggie, that silly woman with the gray dog is laying down on her lawn. . . AGAIN.

Whatever, bee-atch. Don't get me going on your Stupid-ass Dog Shed.

But on hands and knees, it IS a whole new world.

Lady's Mantle



Sarah Bernhardt peonies

Silly, frilly peonies

Who knew these prehistoric creatures will bloom and grow into something this?

Oh, wait a minute. I forgot. Every once and a while you just gotta look up, too.

Spring. Bring it. And soon, please?


  1. Are you kidding? This looks a lot like spring to me! There's grass, flowers and plants (albeit little yet). And is it my imagination that some of the bloggers I follow (that would include you) really seem to know their plants? I'm feeling a little stoopid here.

    I like your boutique blog a lot, Q and SG. It's a very enjoyable, stress-free zone for me despite your supposed "rants". Hah! Surely you've found mine? Now THOSE are rants!

    Have A Most Excellent Spring Week (as I look forward to yet another of grey wet days) xox

  2. I'm late on this but better late than ... no freaking spring at all. Portland's weather is driving me nuts, at this rate I don't even know if there'll be a summer ... but i digress. Happy 200th post!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years