Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The news from When Pigs Fly Farm

The news is -- the weather's been crap. Cold, damp and dank. I've been amassing packets of seeds -- not to mention two heirloom tomato plants -- with nowhere to go. Until Sunday.

And, why, yes. Those ARE 2 tomato plants on my dining room table.
For the next two months.

Sunday dawned bright, dry and sunny. We won't mention the gale-force winds and a wind chill of about 20 below. What better time to throw down some lettuce and carrot seeds, right? Hey. The seed packets said they're cool-weather vegetables. Well, it is definitely cool.

Live long and prosper, my little vegi-friends.

I assembled said seeds: Romaine, arugula and carrots.

I assembled the When Pigs Fly Farm portable tool shed.

Available soon at home improvement centers near you.

And trucked down to WPFF.

Farmer Jim's garlic are looking good.

And check out this cool trellis.

Stringing up that netting would've brought me to my knees.

Despite losing about a third of my seeds to the hurricane swirling around me, I got romaine, arugula and carrots in the ground. It felt good.

And Monday, it snowed. Welcome to When Pigs Fly Farm.


  1. Minus 20? Good heavens. This is Spring?

  2. Well, I might have overstated just a bit. . . .

  3. I hope your little plants are still green and upright! I'd pay someone to help me plant a patch of something to eat - I don't have the first clue. (Okay, I might have the first couple clues, but the middle part is a fog.)