Saturday, May 7, 2011

The news from When Pigs Fly Farm

1. I have a carrot!

Operative word/article -- "a".

On close inspection of Farmer Jim's adjacent acreage, I discern he has two. The Great Carrot Race is ON. Bring it, Farmer Jim!

P.S. Sorry for the blurry photo. My camera is sadly underequipped for microbial photography.

2. Arugula (right): In it's own little party world. May have to thin in the next decade or so.

3. Romaine (left): Somewhat noncommittal at this point, but giving it a try. Will get back to me when we have more than a nanosecond of sunshine.

4. Tomatoes: Have decamped to an ottoman under a south-facing window in the living room. Based on this week's gardening column in the newspaper, the best time to plant tomatoes was 1957

Mr. Stripey (aka Tigerella! who knew?) and Cherokee Purple have two new buddies courtesy of Farmer Jim's daughter -- heirloom cherry tomatoes called Snowberry. (What! No Wikipedia entry on Snowberry -- unthinkable!)

So goes another electrifying report from When Pigs Fly Farm.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Wow! You better enjoy that ONE tossed salad you get for all this trouble. Just think how much joy it'll add to your Labor Day celebration!

  2. What about the garlic and the radishes and the lettuce and the peas in Farmer Jim's section?

  3. Your garlic got proper creds in a past post. I'm saving the pea story. . . .

  4. stuck the tomatoes in. first sign of warm weather and I'm digging!

  5. asked Google - he said: "May 4th was ave.last frost". I'm kind of a gambler.