Sunday, June 19, 2011

The news from When Pigs Fly Farm

Meet the newest member of the WPFF team: Artichoke.

I give this Mediterranean native a snowball's chance in hell of surviving a Zone 2 summer in Bermtopia. Even Sunset Magazine's "Western Garden Book" doesn't hold out much hope. And I quote:

"In Zones 4-7 [Uh oh. I knew I was in trouble when they didn't even give a shout-out to Zone 2], plant in spring when offered and hope for the best -- you will get foliage, maybe flowers and a crop if you're lucky."

Now THAT instills a lot of confidence.

Sorry, little buddy.

I also got a hankering for sweet peppers last week. But just not your mother's sweet peppers. I'm going for a yellow banana and purple bell. We will be colorful if anything, should these bad boys decide to bloom.


With his garden looking so well-groomed and tidy, Farmer Jim shamed me into weeding last weekend.

Not really.

I'm a very conscientious weeder. When I get around to it.

It did give me a chance to stop for a moment, sit back on my heels and appreciate WPFF in all its glory. With the approximately 90 minutes of sun we've had over the last couple weeks, accompanied by the two feet of rain that's fallen, we're starting to look more like a garden.

And there are a handful of sunflowers coming up in WPFF 2.0 where I tossed some leftover seeds a few weeks back!

OK. I admit it. Compared to Farmer Jim's tidy bit acreage, my humble plot of InstaPlants looks a bit dodgy -- kind of like the Crazy Aunt we all know and love.

You know the one. She always shows up at family gatherings listing a little to the left (my tomatoes), make-up askew (my diatomaceous earth), looking slightly wind-blown and tattered (my corn). Smelling faintly of dead fish and mumbling to herself.

Oh dear. That would be my patch.

The When Pigs Fly Farm's crazy aunt.

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  1. Auntie Berm, Auntie Berm - we have composting technology almost in place. By Sunday, we will be stockpiling all N-units (green stuff). Carbon units (brown stuff) will come from cardboard until leaves drop in the fall. I'll label storage bins for the N-units.

    btw: The Bendy boys don't think you're too crazy.