Monday, June 27, 2011

The news from When Pigs Fly Farm

We are in the composting business at When Pigs Fly Farm.

Or so Farmer Jim says.

I haven't seen the operation yet as Farmer Jim was unavailable for tours this weekend, but I'm sure it's a dandy. I don't know how the boy does it between trips to Walmart and attempting to go viral with his gardening vids.

Mr. Mediterranean (aka, my artichoke) had hard a time this week. We dipped back into the mid- to lower 40s a couple of nights, and he also tangled some kind of voracious flesh/leaf-eating bug which left him looking near death

But we took care of that with some bug spray. All natural, of course. The base ingredient is canola oil. Who knew?

Gee, I wonder what would happen if I followed it with a vinegar chaser? When Pigs Fly Farm vinaigrette? Taking orders!!


We have blossoms at the farm. Lots of blossoms.

(See those little kinks in the blossom stem. I'm coo-oold.
That's not good news.)

Something looking this healthy AND normal in my veg garden simply scares me.

Looks a little like the critter
that busted out of John Hurt's chest in "Alien," doesn't it?

Definitely the prettiest of the lot!

Despite my religious application of blossom set, I don't hold out much hope for the tomatoes taking until we hit (consistently. now there's a concept) temps in the mid-50s at night. We're creeping up there -- that is, until the next arctic cold front blows through leaving us all scrambling for our winter socks and fleece jackets. In soon-to-be-July. Sheesh.


On a side note: I do not have a single rose in bloom at the Nine-One-Four. (A couple of peonies did grudgingly made an appearance this weekend, though). Lots of buds, but not a rose in sight. I can almost hear them talking:

"You go first."

"No. YOU go first."

"No. You go first."


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  1. Oh, I hope your tomatoes make it! And, you are right - those peas are the cutest little things.:)

    I just can't get over how chilly your nights are still.