Sunday, February 10, 2013

Free installation

Meet Beulah Bosch, our new dishwasher.

She arrived yesterday amid much pomp and circumstance. She pretty much does everything but walk the family dog.

Normally, we would not splurge on such a fine piece of machinery, typically opting for a plain vanilla model. But Best Buy had an in-store promotion -- FREE installation! -- if you purchased a Bosch.

Even in my math-challenged head, with typical installation fees hovering around $140, I could crunch the numbers and see we'd actually save $50-$75 along with getting an appliance upgrade.


But we did not bargain for the Nine-One-Four and the vagaries of her 71-year-old bones.

The installers from J and J Appliance arrived mid-day with Beulah in tow. I love these guys. We'll call them Mack and Jack. They installed our new cooktop back in November and were delightful. Who knew Frigidaire  inspires such joie de vivre?

Mack, the plumber, got right to business checking the piping under the sink. It took about a minute before he popped out and announced.

"We'll need to install an electrical outlet under the sink. That'll bring you up to code."

Up to code. Those three little words do get one's attention.

To the tune of $90. And we were off to the races.

Mack returned to his post under the kitchen sink, chattering animatedly with Jack whilst moving hoses around to find a home for our newly purchased electrical outlet.

He popped out again, my date and I beginning to realize that this was not necessarily a good thing.

"You know, if I replaced this valve, everything would be under the sink so you wouldn't have to pull out the dishwasher if something needed to be repaired. Plus. . . ." Mack paused dramatically, "with these old valves, once you open them, it's kinda like they're stripped and they're going to leak."

Leak. Another word that grabs a homeowner's attention.

To the tune of $50.

Hello, my $140-free-installation-friend. And you, Mack, back under the sink! Not another peep out of you, young man.

I'm happy to report the rest of Beulah's installation went off with out a hitch -- or additional charges.
But I swear I heard the Nine-One-Four giggling quietly to herself as Mack and Jack's truck pulled out of the driveway.

The old girl does like her surprises.

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  1. Our new appliances were supposed to be installed for $250 .... during our latest huge, already too expensive renovation,.... the first bill from Imagine Appliances was from Ken and Chris..... $500.... the second was a whopping $1300....... from Mark and and Mike,..... the third and fourth were presented to the cabinet people who made them come back yet the company was still dicking around with oven and microwave openings.and still got them all wrong....a 4th and 5th time no less. ... and now... the fridge and dishwasher still need final leveling and securing after correct size panels have been added. .... which they will also be paying. Installers don't come cheap...but if you don't have professionals do it ....well, it could cost more in the long run.

    they have us over a barrel...and in Calgary, where we are is $100 an hour barrel.... that's the it or not....