Monday, February 11, 2013

Camels and my career in a nutshell

"Laura, are you SURE there are camels in India?"

Proof reading a campus cultural week brochure, looking at a photo of a camel in the middle of what I can only assume is the Sahara Desert, attached to a description of Beautiful India! I picked up the phone and posed this existentially piquant question to our Graphic Designer in the West.

In the meantime, I also corrected the spelling of manicotti and cannoli, suggested the word woven over weaved and threw a few :'s into the mix. Still tingling from the joy.

Yeah, it was a good day,

But my camel question? The one particularly searing, incisive question about camels suddenly and perfectly summarized my 30-year-plus career in public relations.

I get paid to ask about camels. In particular, as they relate to India. 

And I get to Google them. And create talking points.

About camels. In India.

OK, OK. Granted. This is NOT the State of the Union address level type stuff. And no talking points are required about camels in India. Yet.


I learned more about camels in a five-minute period that some people do in a lifetime. Based on this research, I'm fairly certain they're not indigenous to India, but today, camels do their share of daily work on the country's behalf. So, okay, there are good law-abiding, hard-working camels in India.

Just in n case you were wondering.

My work here is done. I'll sleep well tonight.

But I'd like to ride a camel. Someday.


  1. I think the question should be...are there pyramids in India? I suspect the answer is NO ;)

    You would love riding a camel. I'm going to boast here that I've ridden a few, in India, Egypt and HERE is Stryliah! Yes, we have camels too. I much prefer them to horses.

    1. Good point about camels and India -- this is obviously not your first (camel) rodeo. Camel riding in Stryliah?! and Egypt AND India. Envy.

  2. Hi There,

    I am interested in using the photo of the camel you have here and was wondering if you know the owner/licensing details.

    Thanks for the help in advance.